April 08, 2019 2 min read

Introducing Helm Files

Helm Files, powered by Nextcloud, is a new service available now for securely syncing and sharing files and backing up photos. With Helm Files, you can use your Helm Personal Server to self-host your own on-premises file storage and sync service.

Now, it’s easy to get your information off Google Drive, Dropbox and other services and own it with Helm Files. Your data should belong to you. With Helm Files, now even more of it can on a Helm server.

Automatically Sync Files and Folders

With clients for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux, it’s easy to select folders and files to sync all of your devices with ease. Simply download Nextcloud clients for each of your devices, point them to your Helm server and login with your device-specific credentials available in the Helm app. 

Privately Share Files, Folders and Photos

From desktop, mobile and web clients, easily and securely share files, folders and photos with protective measures like expiring links and passwords. Expiring links make it easy to ensure that people you share contact with only have access to shared content for a limited period of time. Password-based sharing is another added security measure to prevent attacks that can expose content by enumerating links. 

Secure sharing from the Nextcloud app.

Effortlessly Backup Photos and Videos

If you've ever had to deal with a lost or broken phone, you know the frustration that comes with losing precious photos and videos. Avoid losing photos and videos again by automatically backing up your phone’s camera roll directly to your Helm server with the iOS and Android Nextcloud apps. It will take care of all your existing photos and videos along with anything new you capture.

Use Nextcloud to back up photos from your smartphone.

Seamless Integration

One of the benefits of new services on Helm is the simplicity of having them just work with your existing account. There’s no need to create additional accounts to use Helm Files. Instead, existing account credentials can be used to seamlessly sign in across all devices. 

Use your Helm account to sign in from your phone, tablet or desktop.

You’ve been upgraded

Helm servers get over the air updates for new applications and services along with bug fixes and security patches. They happen automatically to deliver the latest and greatest to each Helm customer. 

With Helm Files, every Helm user gets their own home for files and photos. Access these new services by downloading the latest version of the Helm app using the App Store on your iOS or Google Play store on you Android device, and configuring your network.

For questions or help accessing or using the new features, please check out our support articles or contact support@thehelm.com.

* Nextcloud is an open source, GDPR compliant, file share and communication platform. The Nextcloud service has been rigorously evaluated and scrutinized both by Helm and independent 3rd parties to ensure data privacy and security.

Giridhar Sreenivas
Giridhar Sreenivas

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