Helm is a personal, private email server that won't share your data.

If you're looking to kick Google or Microsoft to the curb and claw back control of your email, this is in my opinion the best and easiest way to do it.

The practically plug-and-play email server makes it not only possible, but relatively easy, to take back control of your email.

Helm will never share your emails with anyone or scan them [...] By design, the Helm company simply doesn't have access to your email.

Helm also makes the process of setting up a personal email server as easy as it could possibly be.

Better security, more control, and the knowledge that the only one profiting from your email is you. It's what email should be.

Helm is a personal server that lives where you do.

Privacy by default and design.

Privacy by default and design.

Start taking back control with your email, the root of your online identity

Seamlessly encrypt all of your emails and files with a key protected by a hardware root of trust

Securely manage your Helm from anywhere using our proximity-based security

Introducing Helm Files

Powered by the open source project Nextcloud, Helm Files makes it easy to share, sync, and backup files and photos across all your devices. Additionally, your information is encrypted and backed up offsite, and accessible with encryption keys only you have.

Take control of your online life

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